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iPod is dead , but when I connect to power, it reboots every 2 seconds

I have a 120gb iPod classic and I’ve known the battery hasn’t been great for a long time now. About 8 months ago, I was only able to listen to it connected to power and once disconnected it would die in 5-10 minutes.

Now I can’t even get the iPod to power on to the menu regardless of a power source. It’s rebooting extremely quickly (the Apple screen is flashing every 2 seconds nearly) and from all the troubleshooting pages I’ve found on the internet, I haven’t had any luck thus far. When I hold the Menu+Center buttons, the iPod will momentarily respond by keeping the Apple screen displayed until it begins restarting once more in a few seconds as I continue to hold the Menu+Center buttons. I have also tried to put it in disk mode by doing the above, and as the screen begins to reboot, pressing the Back+Forward buttons down simultaneously. This has yet to make the iPod respond any differently as it continues its rapid reboot cycle.

Any help here is greatly appreciated. I have a lot of old music I won’t be able to find anywhere on this thing.


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Unfortunately I think replacing the battery is the only option in your case. It is a relatively difficult process to replace it, but it is possible.

Here’s a link to the one on the ifixit store: iPod Classic (Thin) Battery

Image iPod Classic (Thin) Battery


iPod Classic (Thin) Battery


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You think it's the battery then? Even connected to a power source, a dead battery would prevent the iPod from booting to the menu? That seems odd.


I guess I'm just confused as to why it would work with a failing battery 8 months ago and now with the same problem I can't get it out of the infinite reboot or even to really respond to anything I do.


Sorry for not writing back sooner. For some reason this is an issue when the battery starts to fail. I'm not sure exactly what the reason is, but many people have fixed this issue by replacing the battery.


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Had this same. You need to replace the battery.

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