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Front power button light flashing. no chime. fan working


I am lost. I have tried everything possible. My mac pro suddenly stopped working. Shut down normally, went to restart power button led started flashing. So i did all the diagnostics possible that I know of, removing ram and gpu. Exchanging it with working ones still nothing. I need also some help trying to narrow down my issue. Is it the motherboard or the power supply. The rest have been tested and working.

Need some help please.

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1 solution

If you have a multimeter, I’d recommend pulling out the PSU and bridging the two pins like the guy shows in this video, then check for 12v on the huge power rails that come off it.

If that isn’t present, that would be your issue

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I already did this. Works fine. I just found out that on the board there are 2 red light which flash when you connect telling me automatically power supply is ok. Also the amber light and green 5v stby is also on. I noticed that upon starting up for some reason goes into flashing LED in the front. Can backplane board just fail?


I know this is an older post by know. You might've gotten a new board or something, but have you tried replacing the backup battery on the motherboard?


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