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The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is a remote controlled flight system released in April of 2015. Model Number:WS22

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Wont connect to app. Status light controller flashing green?

Hi everyone

Could someone please help me ? I have spent hours and days on the internet trying to solve my problem with my dji phantom 3 advanced.

1. Green status light on controller flashing instead of solid ?

Cannot find anything about this or anyone having the same problem.

2. DJI Go app on Galaxy S8 wont recognise or connect to my phantom 3 advanced ?

Read numerous posts about this problem and none of the recommendations work. Tried numerous different cables to connect also tried my wifes Galaxy S7 and daughter's iPhone 8 but still no joy.

Controller connects to drone ok and I can fly in line of sight but seems to be stuck in beginner mode. Restricted distance.

Everything worked fine when I last used it about 6 months ago. I can update firmware on drone but without being able to get dji go app working I cannot update my controller .

In the DJI Go app it wont let me get past "How To Connect"

Please can anyone HELP

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1 solution

# If green blinks slowly on the controller, the standard-status is : “Inactivity for over 6 minutes. Switch off the remote controller if it is not in use”.

  1. In some cases, the USB-connection will stick in “load-modus” . In my case I resolve it by using a universal USB-driver for Android. In this app. you can switch to another modus than load-modus ( i.i. data-modus MTP OR PTP, USB ETHERNETmodus) you can set these options only in USB-debugging ON. In my case I have success with this app.
  2. Suc6

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