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Released in October 2010, the Shark Navigator is a lightweight upright vacuum by SharkNinja, and can be identified as model no. NV22S.

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How to I replace the power cord

How do I replace the power cord. IT has pulled away from the body of the vacuum

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Take out the old cord

  • Unplug the machine. Put it on a table for easier access. Have a towel ready for placing parts of the vacuum on as you remove them. Remember to put the parts in order for easier reassembling later
  • Move the brush roller to the bottom of the unit. Find the screws which hold the roller in its place and take them out. Remove the belt of the brush and pull the brush out. Place the screws that keep the filter in place behind the brush in the correct order
  • Untie the screws that hold the motor housing in place. In some models, you may also have to unfasten the handles so that the housing can come off the machine. Pay attention to the wiring’s orientation on the motor. The white wire on the power cord should go with the motor. Two colored wires should connect to the other wire
  • Screw counterclockwise to join the nuts which hold the wires of the cord and motor. Put the wires into their correct groups. If the white wire includes a terminal connection fitting into the motor, connect the fastener and drag that connection out of the motor of the unit. Divide the terminal’s prongs with a knife and drag the wire-free
  • Calculate the distance from the cord ending to the strain release. Undo the screws holding the strain release and the cord retainer. These two parts work together to make sure that you will never twitch the cord out of the motor during the vacuuming process

Install the new cord

  • Put both the strain relief and cord retainer at the end of the new power cord in place of the old cord.
  • Use a knife to release about 1/2 inch of wire detachment and casing on the black and white wire of the new power cord. Be careful or you will cut the wires
  • Put the white wires back to the terminal. Fold the terminal, using a pair of needle-nose pliers. Drag the terminal back into the motor. If the motor and the white wires connect together with nuts, join them
  • Connect the colored wires. Tie the wire nut you took out before
  • Assemble the cord retainer and strain relief tool using screws. Again, pay attention to the new cord position to make sure that it is in the same position as the old one
  • Reassemble the handles. Reinstall the motor housing. Put the filter back in position and refasten it. Put the belt back in its original position and reconnect it to the brush. Place the housing back over the brush and keep it in place with screws

Now you have the new cord replaced in your vacuum!

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