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WowWee CHiP Robot Dog, an automated AI pet which you can control and play with. Released in early 2016.

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Why is my CHiP unable to find the SmartBed?

From the second day I have owned it, my WowWee CHiP has not been able to locate the SmartBed. It moves to an area near the bed at keeps moving back and forth like it is dancing to its own song made by the wheel movements. I have to command it to sit down and then place it on the SmartBed for it to charge this way, otherwise, it is simply wasting battery power. I do not know any way of recalibrating the IR sensors and currently do not know of any other method of repair. If you have an answer or find an answer, please let me know. Thank you!

Update (01/21/2020)

In addition to what is above, if it helps, the CHiP did reach the SmartBed the first time or two correctly, then the problem started occurring.

Update (01/21/2020)

Also, I can do a direct-charge, and the simile is just to help you imagine how the CHiP moves, back-and-forth in a changing pattern. One more thing- when the CHiP is trying to locate the SmartBed, even after placing it right over the bed, it just curves until the bed falls over, continues curving until it is close to a 90º angle to the bed, and then starts moving back-and-forth again.

Update (01/21/2020)

The CHiP's ID is: CHiP-37794. I found this out using my PlayStation 4 console's "Bluetooth Devices" menu.

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It appears that still nobody has even commented on my question. It is not a severe problem, but it would still be nice to fix. However, I cannot properly use Fetch or Soccer because the CHiP gets the same problem.


Could be that no one on the site has any experience with mechanical dog training. That's why you don't have an answer.


I got the ID incorrect, I didn't memorize it correctly. It is actually: CHiP-47739. Oops!


If this helps, I made a note of the IDs for the accessories. They are:




I got the CHiP's ID on the same note. I found these using the "Bluetooth Devices" menu on my PlayStation 4 console. They actually appear in the list.


I repeated that without looking. Sorry about that!


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@michaeld2 lets start this off with the basics. CHiP should make its way back to recharge automatically. If CHiP is having trouble docking correctly, please ensure the path to get to the SmartBed is clear, so CHiP can turn around and reverse to doc correctly.

If the SmartBed LED is on and CHiP is not sensing the SmartBed, there may be too much distance or furniture in the way that is blocking CHiP's sensors. Try moving CHiP closer to the SmartBed.

If CHiP is having trouble docking even when there is adequate room available to dock, there may be other devices or shiny surfaces in the room interfering with CHiP's sensors. Try moving the SmartBed to a different location.

Please note: CHiP will demonstrate the ability to automatically detect the SmartBed and dock for recharging whenever CHiP senses the SmartBed is plugged in near CHiP (if CHiP is fully charged, CHiP should pop off the SmartBed after a few minutes).

CHIP uses a nRF51822 microcontroller

I wonder if a Firmware upgrade is either in order or if it may your CHIP’s issues. Something Like this

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Even when I place the CHiP two inches from the SmartBed with no obstacles, it still cannot find it. Placing it directly over the SmartBed will cause it to turn, usually knocking the SmartBed over. This even happens in the dark and there is no recalibration function for IR sensors. A firmware error may or may not be the problem because this occurred on the second day, though a software update being stopped a lot later does cause it to bark a second time when it powers off automatically.


This powers off from inactivity, and this second bark only began occurring after the update was stopped. Thank you for the suggestion. When the CHiP gets to one area near the SmartBed, it just keeps going leftrightleftrightleftrightleftright super quickly, seeming to shake and jingle around.


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