Shutting off after 2-3 seconds

My Dyson recently started shutting off after 2-3 seconds of use. It’s not pulsating, just turning off, and the MAX ring light flashes slowly.

If I use the vac on MAX mode, it seems to work fine.

If I return to normal mode, it shuts off after 2-3 seconds again.

I’ve fully cleaned the inside of the vac, including inside the filter housing and removed the mesh casing.

Interestingly, the vac works in normal mode if I restrict airflow to at the front end.

I’ve checked that all the gaskets are well sealed, but I feel like the vac is passing more air than it typically should (almost like it’s missing a filters somewhere). The only thing I have not taken off is the back filter where the battery is.

Anyone have any idea? I’ve almost given up on a solution.

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