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Released in April 2019. Model Number: A705FN/DS

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Black Screen after it fell

MySamsung Galaxy A70 has a black screen the phone works I can hear it when someone calls or when I restart it but the screen is black any help full suggestions

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Yes I can hear alarm sound


All r working well but in a corner black and parpel sport in the screen


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2 solutions

Zweber Steyn  since this happened after your phone fell and you already tried a restart, it stands to reason that this is a broken display. Of course, you always want to check for loose cables etc. but be prepared that this may need a new display. Here is how to do it and displays are available at places like this and many more.

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Ik this is from a while ago but just in case anyone else is having this problem, i had this exact problem but when doing a soft reboot the screen became white and pixelated, like an old school tv. I massaged the back of the phone and that seemed to reconnect whatever wire came loose and made the screen work again.

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