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A bridge, DSLR, point-and-shoot camera released in January 2013 sporting a 16 megapixel image resolution, adjustable aperture, and 30x zoom. It also weighs just under one pound, which is great for the traveling photographer.

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Where in the uk can I get 4.5 mm JIS #000 screws.

where can I get the screw that holds the case on in the uk every serch I have tried comes up with screwdrivers?

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Les Swaffer reason for that is that the screws are not properly measured. iFixit measures the length of the screws but not the diameter. The Length is 4.5mm but the screw size is actually a M1.7 X 4.5 The #000 refers to the Phillips size head and thus the reason why your search will return screwdrivers.

In short, the screws you need for your camera are M1.7 x4.5mm Fujifilm part number is F085-0352-001

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Thank you much appreciated



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