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La PlayStation est la première console destinée au marché de masse du constructeur Sony.

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Ribbon Connecting Disc Reader to PS1 Broken

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I opened up my PlayStation last year to take out a small pebble that had gotten in it, I got it second hand at a thrift store. When I was closing it back up, I accidentally bent that ribbon the wrong way and it tore off. Is there a way I can fix this or am i just better off throwing it away and getting a new one? If I can fix it, please send me a link to where I can get the parts, or to a tutorial on how to fix it. Thank you for your help!

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Fyrelce soldering ribbon cables can be done but only by the best micro soldering experts. We do not know your skills but if you have never done it before, you do want to go ahead and replace the optical reader. Since we do not know what your lens numbers are, we cannot really get you a link for a replacement. They are around at places like this

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