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The Sony Handycam FDR-AX33 is a palm sized camcorder that combines 4K video with video stabilization. It was released in March 2015, and was the first camcorder to introduce the new Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS).

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How to fix E:61:10 flashing error in my Sony FDR-AX33

E:61:10 flashing error in my Sony FDR-AX33 I dropped it once.

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If I need to replace the steady shot assembly, where can I get this fix near me in Mansfield, Ohio. and can i fix it, or replace it myself.


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Georgio7564044 Error code E: 61: 10 possible cause for that is an Issue of the zoom driving part. This usually requires a new lens since parts for the internal workings are most often not available. You can always try what is shown here.

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I found the solution from trial and error while I was attempting to fix my camera. There’s a tiny circuit board with a chip attached to a ribbon and red and black cables on the right side (from your perspective facing the viewfinder/eyepiece) of the camera when the shell is disassembled. I’m assuming that’s an accelerometer or other sub-processor for BOSS. Remove it and reseat it to reset the chip.

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The one just above the headphone output and mic input?


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