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Le 3a fait partie des téléphones Pixel troisième génération de Google. Cette version budget est équipée de la même caméra que les modèles phare de Google. Disponible en Résolument Blanc, Simplement Noir ou Violet. Mis sur le marché en mai 2019.

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Screen displays but no touch capability

I followed the instructions on IFIXIT's site to replace the Pixel 3a’s screen. Everything seemed to work perfectly for a few weeks. Last week, the touch-capability on the screen stopped responding for brief periods. Then it recurred and became more frequent. Now the screen hasn't responded to touch for almost 24 hours.

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Alan Fuhs  sounds like a bad digitizer which is not uncommon. You want to try another one and then re-evaluate.

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So I have to order another screen if this happens?


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I had this problem with my phone as well. The phone was on when I replaced the screen (I had no way to turn it off). After I replaced the screen, the screen would turn on and it looked fantastic, but it didn’t recognize my touch at all.

What I ended up doing is holding down the power button for about 15-20 seconds until the phone restarted. The screen began to function normally after that and recognized my touch.

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