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The 1998 version is based on the original Beetle but, in comparison with the old model of the vehicle, it is way more spacious and equipped with more advanced features.

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Brake and abs light and buzzer on.

Brake and abs dash lights on, tried to reset by battery disconnect, checked brake fluid resivour. New brakes on car.

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You’ll need a diagnostic test done to see which ABS sensor is bad. This is the typical reason the light comes on. Each wheel has a sensor, and if anyone of them is faulty, the system will send the signal.

Vag-com cable from Ross-Tech can help you find out which sensor is bad and, once fixed, reset the code. They can be pricey, so sometimes finding someone local with one can help save cost if you don’t typically work on your own car.

The sensors are relatively cheap but can be a pain to remove. Often times, the old one gets destroyed in the process.

  1. Jack up the car; remove the tire of the involved sensor.
  2. Behind the wheel is the sensor; unplug the cable by pushing first and then pulling the tab.
  3. Remove the small bolt using a 5mm Allen; a new ABS sensor should come with a new bolt.
  4. Use copious amounts of WD-40 or any penetrating fluid to attempt and remove the sensor. If unable to do so, then you’ll have to destroy it with a flat head screwdriver and pry it out.
  5. Clean the hole thoroughly with some sandpaper.
  6. Insert your new ABS sensor and reverse the removal process.
  7. Use a Vag-com cable to reset the ABS code on your dashboard and perform an ABS System Check.


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