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Sharp 50" green light comes on, no pic or sound. then wont power off

I have a Sharp LC-50LE442U tv. I plug it in and get the red power light. Nothing is blinking. I can hit the power button and the red light turns into a solid green light. No picture or sound. I hit the power button to turn it off and it says green. Any idea what could be going on with it?

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I'm having the same problems. The green power light is always there but there's no pic and sound . Even if I try to off it the green light is still there with no pic and sound appear. Any idea what's wrong with my TV


where can I get a new eeprom?


Please, try to remove eeprom from the main (signal) board. I

would hate to see you error on the removal. This will take

e precision to do this..please find someone to do this for you.

Have your TV model number and serial number on hand. Go to Ebay......type your TV model number. Eventually an eeprom will be in your search.

Or Shop Jimmy, TV parts. Either way about $15.00. Thanks for asking.

Matt of Martins TV Repair.


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Fixed some of these when they were still under warranty. The LED’s in your TV are not lighting. Manufacture would send a new panel (screen). Pull the main board and power supply from original TV and place into new panel. Regardless of what you might see (replacing the actual LED’s in the panel) on You Tube, this is not an easy repair.

Consider a new TV.

Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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the eeprom is my first thought. if you can remove the main board, (i call it the signal board, same thing) great.

you will need skill to remove the eeprom. location is u3102. always try to be darn careful when you do this. you can damage the pc’s and then will be forced to pay for a new main board…$100.00. find someone with great skill to do this. then after you safely remove the eeprom………you can gamble $15.00 and purchase a new one.

as a suggestion, it is smart to remove first(carefully), than order. if you order first……and then remove the eeprom unsafely…………you’re out $15.00 and will need a $100.00 for a new board.

thanks for asking…….matt of martins tv repair.

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