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Is there a replacement cassette mechanism assembly available for a JVC


I have a portable JVC PC-X101 BX with tuner, CD and cassette. The cassette mechanism will not function. It gets stuck. Fortunately the programming turns it off.

I got a copy of the service manual at: so I can describe what I see using the proper part definitions. I spent 20 years as a Toyota mechanic but none trying to fix boom boxes.

The kick arm (52) that rides on the clutch assembly (56) is hitting the metal head base set (13) preventing the clutch assembly from shifting from left to right. I included a couple of images showing the point of contact. The first image clearly shows the kick arm stuck against the plate. The second image is for perspective.

Block Image

Block Image

Based on the parts drawings I am not sure what is actually broken. I thought lock arm A (29) was broken but may not be the case. As I manually drive the gears the lock arm hangs up.

The service manual does not list a part number for the cassette mechanism assembly. Does anyone know if there is one available or is this a lost cause?

Thank you,

Rick Daniel

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Have you changed all of the belts yet with new ones? I would suspect that there is a slipping belt that has not allowed the mechanism to get to a known position. Change all of the belts following the service manual to route them correctly and try again. Report here your results. I doubt that the part is broken (although there is a slight possibility). I believe that the mechanism is “out of timing” and just needs to get back in sync. If the new belts fail to resolve this, update this note and I’ll investigate further.


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Abrsvc. Thank you for your response. Where would I purchase the belts?


amazonEbayWalmart all sell universal belts, snug not super tight is needed.


Near as I can tell from similar models of JVC units, you will need two belts.

Using the PRB branded system these will be :SCX7.4 and SCX4.2. These belts can be purchased from Russell Industries. There are other suppliers such as MCM One (now part of Newark Electronics I believe) and others. The key here is to use square belts that are the correct width and length. Replace them and let the system "reset".


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