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Dropped AirPod in oil?

I dropped one of my AirPods in a dish of olive, baby, and coconut oil. Fully submerged. I got it out as soon as I could and now it’s in rice. I don’t know if that will do anything, but I didn’t know what else to do! I don’t know if it still works or how well it works, any ideas as to what I should do next? Help! These are a month old!

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I came from the tiktok ad, as the ad said, this question has probably already been resolved, whether you figured something out or just returned them.

But if anyone else has this issue, here's a solution.

Putting it in rice was a good call, anytime tech gets submerged, wether water or oil, the best idea is to somehow get the liquid out, since you can't exactly open up the airpod and dab the oil out (you could but it's not worth the effort).

For oil based products however, unscented kitty litter is more reliable, here's a step by step.

  • Take a dry paper towel and remove as much exterior oil and baby powder as you can
  • Bury the airpod in a bowl of unscented kitty litter (speaker facing down into the litter) let it sit for several hours
  • If the litter is still damp, relocate and repeat
  • After that you've removed as much of the oil as you can possibly take out without opening it (the seems and holes on airpods are quite small, so it was likely a small amount to begin with) however now the baby powder that got in is also dry
  • Take the airpod and, facing the speaker downward with the stem aiming towards you, lightly tap it onto a dry piece of paper towel in your hand, this should help dislodge any of the dried baby powder or powder from the litter
  • Finally, there might be some excess powder in the speaker grill, hold the speaker downward and lightly brush it out with a toothbrush until clear

As a sidenote, the biggest issue with water getting into a device is the fact that water is very conductive and can cause damage to electronics, this is far less likely with oil.


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