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iPhone 6s home button not working

Hi all,

After screen replacement, my home button is not working anymore. When clicking nothing happens. I tried the screen with the button on another 6s, and on this device the button works. So I assume the buton is working but there is something wrong with the phone.

Phone A is the phone where the home button is not working. Phone B is another working iPhone 6s. When I connect the display with home button from A to B the home button is working. And the strange part is, when I connect B to A it is also working... So only phone A is not working with his own display and button.

What could be the problem? Thanks!

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Did you check the connections and also check and make sure you didn't tear the cable on the home button. It's extremely fragile and easy to tear.

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I put the screen with the button on another 6s and the button is working.


The home button from another phone will work but touch Id will not work because it's paired to the phone.


Yes, I know that but that it not the point. The clicking function works on the other phone and is not working on another 6s. So there is something else causing the problem.


Does the home button work but doesn't click? If it doesn't work did vfc you check and clean all of the connectors. There is a possibility that you have a defective screen. I have seen it a couple of times. Switch the home button to the other screen and see if bbn it works.


On one phone the home button is NOT working. I tried the screen with the same home button on antoher iPhone 6s and on this device the home button is working. So the home button and the screen flex is not broken since it's working on another device.


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