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Samsung WB1100F is a digital camera with the ergonomic feel of a traditional DSLR, but also the ease of use of a point-and-shoot compact. The WB1100F has a 16.2MP CCD sensor with a sensitivity range of ISO80-3200 and a 35x optical zoom lens with a focal range equivalent to 25-875mm (in 35mm-camera terms). The WB1100F was released in early 2014.

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It won't turn on. Says zoom is stuck. Have removed battery etc.

It beeps 3 times as I turn it on. The lens is stuck out. I've removed battery and tried but nothing. Tia

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The is little you can do here. Best to find an authorized service center to bring your camera or ship it to Samsung for repairs. From the sounds of it the lens helical has gotten damaged and will need to be either replaced or if possible repaired. We have a guide to get to the assembly we don’t have anything that gets deeper into the lens assembly its self.

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