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Sorti en juin 2017, l'iPad Pro 10,5" remplace l'iPad Pro 9,7"

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Did screen repair and now it restarts every 5-10 mins

So I had done a screen repair on a iPad 10.5 inch didn’t check before to see if it was doing this but now it is and I don’t have the other screen because it was broken. It shuts off at random any advice possibly I have done everything from DFU to updating. It wont shutdown until ios is actually booted up other it can make it through the update cycle without running into anything. I only use plastic tools could’ve this been my fault or do you think its the screen or prior damage from when the kid fell with the ipad.

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Can I ask, did you solve this problem in the end?


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It seems to me that the problem is no longer valid, but just in case and also for #humanemagician5 a few hints.

Check the log first. You can find it in settings -->> privacy -->> analytics -->> analytics data. There should be information about why the restarts occur (named panic.full file).

fingers crossing,

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