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The third iteration of Lenovo's Yoga line of notebooks, similar in design and hardware to its predecessors. Designated by model number 80HE000DUS.

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Battery won't charge, won't boot

Hi, I’ve had intermittent probs with my Lenovo 3 not charging and not starting. I tried new power cords, remove battery with 20 sec power button push all of which worked for a time but now it won’t charge AND won’t turn on when plugged in.

I have taken it to a couple of PC stores telling them what I have done and if they could check the motherboard power connection - the part that the power cord fits into. Both times, for a charge of $50 each time, they have told me that they tested the power cord, it’s fine (DUHHHH, I bought a new one and tested it!!!) and that it was probably my MOBO. NEITHER of them gave me any information about the power connector part GRHHH :=} When I plug the power adapter in it does appear a bit loose but I’m pretty sure that’s par for the course on this type of adapter?

I was wondering/hoping that someone here MAY have tried replacing this part to see if it was the culprit OR is there an article here on how to check my mobo?

Thanks for any assistance you can give me

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I have the same issue. I changed out charging port and it still doing it. As of now it won't charge or turn on


Hey Allison, I feel your pain - I changed out the charging port to no avail as well. Such a lovely lappy, I really don't want to dump it :=]


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Hi @mpeet59 ,

I would try replacing the DC-In cable and check if that resolves the problem.

The supplier shown in the link is an example only to show what the part looks like and how much it may cost. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for 5C10G97330 to get results.

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.44 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to replace the DC-In cable.

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Thanks for your feedback Jayeff, that's exactly what I'm trying. Got the part out of the laptop and found a supplier on AliBaba. I've had a few problems with computers/laptops over they years and it appears that when I take them into repair shops they are very quick to cry motherboard fried, perhaps it's just the ones I've gone to :=}

For $15 or so well worth checking before moving on to the motherboard..

Once again, thanks for the reply


Manual was a bit different than my Yoga, the screws holding the DC in cable were part of the hinge... any idea on where to get the screws from? the M2 etc, I have a few missing


Hi @mpeet59

Maybe your laptop is a slightly different variation.

Try searching for "Lenovo (insert model name and number) support" When you get the page scroll down and select Knowledge base and Guides > User manuals > hardware Maintenance manual.

The page should look a bit like the one in the link below except it should be for your specific model

Try this link for the parts or even to get to your exact model for the manual. Select "Change product"

Insert the exact model name and number in the search box, select the appropriate device and when the window opens, click on Commodities and scroll down to find Screw kits and labels. Select them to find the screws etc and then using the part number only, search online for suppliers that suit.

Good luck


CHOICE!!! thanks for that jayeff, much appreciated


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