60” Philips which made vertical lines suddenly

I have a 60” Philips which made vertical lines suddenly… I turned it off and it wouldnt power on again. A white LED blinks twice every 3 sec on front. I am somewhat a home technician myself, and as far as my investigation so far I suspect the main board or logic board. I dont think the PSU is faulty. HOWEVER after seeing this, I might should check the T-CON… although IF the problem was that the tv would turn on with errors? not stay black with led blink or what? Can that scenario happen? T-CON and unable to start not only with artifacts.

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lassekristensen what is the exact model of the TV? Just to recap, it started showing vertical lines then it turned off. It never turned back on? Is that correct? What have you checked? this does not sound like a T-con board error but a power board error. Clarify your question so we can try and help you to fix your TV.


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