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Fujifilm FinePix S9500 is a bridge digital camera released by Fujifilm in 2005 and intended for the enthusiastic amateur.

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Can we replace the battery compartment in this camera?

Hi, we left the batteries in our Finepix S9500 for far to long in storage and they corroded the battery housing. When they were removed they broke off a couple of the contacts so I don't think it will work after cleaning away the corrosion etc (although we have tried). Is it possible to buy a replacement battery compartment?

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I don’t know if you managed to sort this problem out but if not then i can tell you that it is possible to replace the battery holder. But….. & this is a BIG but.

If you are confident enough exploring in to the camera & you can solder, then you could repair it.

I had a similar problem with my sons S9600 a couple of years ago. So i ended up stripping the camera down & found it wasn’t that difficult to get to the battery holder. If you can do that then you can make your own connectors with something from an old battery operated device.

Obviously it would need to be scrap so you can use the contacts but as long as the battery configuration is similar, it is possible to modify the contacts to fit your S9500. A little hot glue & a soldering iron should do. You may have to remove some of your battery holder plastic to get the contacts to fit & then secure them with hot glue. You will then need to solder the wires from your pcb to the replacement contacts.

My ‘Go To’ bible for almost any kind of service manual is a site called They have a service guide for your camera in the link below. That is where i got the one for my sons S9600. It is a free site too.

Good luck if you decide to try to repair your camera. You have nothing to lose in trying :-)


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