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MSI afterburner not letting me do anything

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MSI afterburner not letting me do anything please help.

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Hi @magicjet_

What are you going to use for?

What is your graphic card?

I see the MSI afterburner is showing the intel HD graphics.

Had you tried updating the drivers?


There is no graphics card there is only integrated graphics I’m trying to overclock the cpu


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I guess the MSI afterburner won't work for the ingrated Intel HD graphics. You need a PCI-E graphic card to let it work (yes MSI afterburner works for multiple cards and different brands, like ASUS, but not all of them works). You need to check if you can find the compatibility list from MSI which cards are supported (most likely from their website).

Just curious, why do you want to overclock your CPU?

Note: MSI Afterburner is a tool to overclock your GPU, not your CPU.

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