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Une enceinte Bluetooth portable fabriquée par Ultimate Ears.

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UE Megaboom won't charge, no lights, completely dead

My megaboom has stopped charging, it used to work perfectly and then the past 2 months has been slowly dying, ie it would charge sometimes randomly (never to 100%) and would take a whole day to get to 60%, and now it has stopped all activity and has no lights or anything. It is has no warranty now :(

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It sounds as though there is a problem with the USB charge port, possibly being loose from the circuit board or perhaps the battery is failing and needs to be replaced or perhaps even both. The battery may have failed due to a faulty charge port.

In either case the speaker will need to be opened and the problem further investigated.

Here’s the ifixit Logitech UE Megaboom repair guides which will help.

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