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International version of the 2020 Moto G Power was called the G8 Power

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Where can I find quality parts/guides for the Moto G8 Power?

I have a Moto G8 Power with a cracked screen, so I came here to iFixit but was surprised to find that there is literally nothing on the site about this phone. I really wanted to get the part from iFixit because I’ve had bad parts from everywhere else I’ve tried (doesn’t iFixit have a deal with Motorola for parts or something?). So I need to know where I can get reliable parts and guides for this phone for today, and I’d like to know when iFixit will be adding this phone to its site. Thanks!

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I'm not sure exactly how similar they are (very?), but I have a moto g power, xt2041-7. I just replaced the screen after it shattered, and was also surprised at the lack of guides/videos/any other information here or elsewhere. I got my display/digitizer from SkyStarTrade, I think it was 30 then shipping, no complaints so far. The product was actually for a g8 power rather than the g power, but fit ideally, so...

If you go for it despite the lack of documentation, go easy around the proximity sensor, which is located between the ear speaker (?) and camera cutout; it's built into the middle frame. I didn't see that one coming, but should have considering the flex contacts on the reverse side (under motherboard).

If you have any questions, I'll help as best as I can.


i cant seem to find any replacement motherboards anywhere.... the connector plug for the main flex was, lets say.. made unusable.. during my screen replacement.. so any help with that would be amazing!


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Given the Moto G8 Power is the international version of the Moto G Power(2020), the parts here may work with your phone. I have not verified that the parts are compatible with both models of phone.

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