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Power button is stuck

I have an apple watch series 4 that has the power button stuck pressed in. I had a protector cover on it that I never removed and it may have built up dirt and grime over time. I tried cleaning it around the edge of the button with a toothbrush and some water to no avail. When I connect the watch to the charger the apple icon comes on for a few seconds but then turns off due to the power button being stuck.

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From others who have had this issue, it looks like you can carefully rinse it under warm (not hot) water from the tap. Maybe this would remove whatever is causing the stick?

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I had this exact same problem after using the SUP case. I found a local iPhone repair shop that was able to replace the power button and the clicking mechanism beneath it and the watch is like new again. Hopefully you can find someone willing to give it a shot!

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The same thing just happened to me with a Supcase. What did they charge for the repair.


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+1 for rinsing for a minute under warm water, which worked for me.

Context: after several days of swimming in salt and fresh water over the course of a week, after the last dip, the power button seemed to be stuck, going into Emergency SOS mode over and over again. After a reboot, the button was still stuck, so it could not boot: it would show the Apple logo for a few seconds then reboot again. Washing under warm water and clicking the button repeatedly fixed it.

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