Breville Smart Kettle Malfunctioning not working?

I did not know where to post this possible fix so I am posting here. Please move it to where it belongs:

Issue: Breville Smart Kettle malfunctions, turns on and off randomly, buttons won’t work, after being plugged in the “Start/Cancel” button lights up and then turns off and none of the buttons function. When left plugged in it randomly beeps, turns itself on and off. Works when it wants to. Basically, the kettle is possessed.

Possible solution: I tried this today in the morning and the machine is now working properly. I don’t remember the exact sequence because I was just messing around with it (BTW, I took it apart about a week ago, checked all the components and for lose wires but everything seemed fine (not an electrician either)).

This morning I unplugged the little monster, I placed my finger on the “Start/Cancel” button and plugged it back in. I held my finger on the button without moving it for about 10 seconds or so and then its light started flashing on and off. Ok, what happens after this is more blurry. I believe I then did the same thing with the first button (green tea), I don’t remember if I was still holding the Start/Cancel or not (but it was still flashing), but I also held my finger or pressed on the green tea button for a few seconds and it started flashing too. I figured I must be onto something because how would the little monster know to flash like this? I started doing the same thing with all of the other buttons and had them all flashing on and off. I don’t remember if I did the same thing with the little red “keep warm” button but all of the others for sure.

After about 4 seconds since they were all flashing, I left it alone as I figured it was doing something so I walked away to make my breakfast. Lo and behold about 15 seconds later all the blinking buttons turned off and it made a sound like it was just plugged in, leaving only the first button on or the start button (not sure). I then proceeded to heat up some water to check if it worked and it did. The buttons are still working properly now (about 10 hours later). So it seems that this might have “reset” the machine somehow which is odd because the manual does not have a reset sequence.

Anyway, hope this helps.

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