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Mains air compressor for cleaning electronics instead of canned air?

So I was working out how to throw away my used up canned air - not an easy task in Germany with 6 different household rubbish categories plus drop points for all sorts of rubbish that the manufacturers are legally required to accept and recycle/dispose of. But it does get you thinking about waste and sustainability.

So I figured a small air compressor would be a more sustainable and cost-effective choice for cleaning my devices (mainly laptops, plus phone etc), but I’d appreciate some advice before I make a purchase.

I’m wondering about pressure: what is a safe upper limit for cleaning electronics? What would be the minimum pressure required to get the job done of, say, cleaning a dirty fan?

Any recommendations for a neat little, good value/quality machine? (Please remember I’m in Europe so “Walmart/Goodbuys sells a good one” won’t be so helpful to me. It might be for others, of course, I just mean please give me a brand/model I can look up, if possible). My initial research had me trawling through a lot of inappropriate stuff - either huge quasi-industrial machines or little portable ones that looked great until I realised they only plugged into car cigarette lighters, not mains power.

I’d be generally interested to hear what people use as an alternative to canned air, as well as considerations that haven’t occurred to me. Thanks in advance!

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I have one of these and they work amazing, they have a bunch of different models too if you search electric air duster.

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