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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20 Ultra Android smartphone, released in March of 2020.

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Broken screen, touch not working properly.

I dropped my new s20 on the corner of a stone step and it broke the screen on the edge and exposed the digitizer. The touch screen doesn’t work unless I’m pushing down aggressively on the exposed digitizer, but only registers as a swipe because my palm rests on the surrounding area of the exposed digitizer due to the amount of pressure needed causing the phone to recognize my palm as a touch. I’m taking the phone to get completely repaired on Saturday but I was hoping I could get a temporary fix to let me use my phone until then.

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No temporary fix unfortunately, physical Damage is physical damage.

Digitizer uses light and super fast calculations to know where touch input is being made. The huge hole in the screen most likely damaged that grid and is letting ambient light pass through or casting shadows interrupting touch input or confusing the controller.

Just get it fixed man!

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Thanks, I’ve been playing around with it and it either works or doesn’t work, sometimes I’m lucky and can get to the home screen other times I’m stuck on the swipe to unlock, though applying pressure does get it to register some touch it’s not enough to be able to actually use the phone, I guess I’m just being a little too hopeful lol. Thank you for your response


Update, don’t know how but I got the touch screen to register my touch but only in certain parts of the screen, some require more pressure than others.


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I have the same no touch issue but there is no physical damage on the outside of my S20 FE 5G. I tried force restart but it won’t fix the issue, I tried going to recovery mode and clear cache partition but doesn’t work. I tried to drop my phone on a safe area but not to the point that would damage the phone. just to make sure that the connectors from the screen is secured to the motherboard, still not working. then i tap my phone with 2 fingers everywhere even the camera bumb as well. still not working. but I am still at my lock screen that said “Swipe to unlock”. but for now I just call ppl vi Facebook…

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