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Xiaomi-owned Amazfit's square, plastic smartwatch. Released in 2017.

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Screen fell off - what can I use to reattach?

The screen of my Amazfit Bip just fell off. I removed the old adhesive strip and tried a small bead of clear silicone seal. This didn’t work. What can I use to reattach the screen?

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I used B7000 glue for mine, it works good for stuff like this. Although for me it still fell off again after several month :) I fixed it again, but in the end I just upgrade to Amazfit BIP 2 recently.

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Mine just fell off as well. I’ve had it for over two years. I inspected it, and realized that it looked like the seal for the display has been de-laminating for quite a while! I am thankful I didn’t wear it while showering, or doing things while around splashing water. It woud have surely damaged it. I carefully scraped all the junk that had accumulated around the edge of the display, and around the watch casing groove for the display was. I used “shoe goo” as the glue. It supposedly has some water resistant properties. Hopefully it will work for a while.

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