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La PlayStation est la première console destinée au marché de masse du constructeur Sony.

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Spindle hub cap cannot spin cd properly

Before telling the main problem, I have replaced the spindle hub.

Now the spindle does not spin properly and the cap is detached when you put out the cd. I will give you the video for more understanding

I ‘m thinking about applying a super glue on the spindle cap so it can spin properly. Is it okay?

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I viewed your clip and it sounds like the disc is scratching against the flat part of the bay. Try adjusting the height of the spindle. It should spin smoothly after doing so. Your video shows that the spindle is pushed way too down. The top part of the spindle must be at the same height as the “needle”. Btw the part you removed must spin with the circle underneath it. Apply a small amount of super glue without applying some to the rubber part. Doing so will ruin the CD locking mechanism. Or just buy another spindle but this time, use a flat object when installing to perfectly align it.

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