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How to fix "No bootable device" after replacing hard drive?

My Acer Aspire R 15 model number N16P2 still says “No bootable device” when I turn it on. I replaced the original hard drive with a Samsung SSD 860 Evo. Is there something I was supposed to do to the new hard drive before install or is there something I am supposed to do now? I thought all I needed to do was swap drives.

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You need to install an OS. You'll need bootable media (either a USB or a disk), and inset that to start. You may have to amend your boot priority in the BIOS to match whichever method of media you're using to install (ie if booting from a disk, select the disk drive as boot priority #1)

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Yeah I just finished doing this from a usb. I don't know why I didn't do that right away. So dumb.

Anyways the lappy works great now!

Thanks for answering!


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I had the same issue with a different laptop and a different ssd, I ended up having to connect it to another computer and go so disk management and configure the drive. Once it was done then I installed it in the laptop and was able to install windows on it. Every thing worked fine after that.

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Thanks for responding so fast.

I used a usb to install windows and that worked but I will remember this answer if I have that issue with the other laptop I'm fixing next.

Much appreciation!


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