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Why is my screen so dim?

I haven’t used my laptop in about 4 years due to the screen being broken. I recently bought a screen to fix it and reinstalled it and it turns on , however the screen is very dim and i can only see if a flashlight is held up to it. Please help I don’t want to have to buy a new one i love this computer so much .

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1 solution

Keep this simple. Recheck the screen’s main connector. You may not have reconnected it properly or the connector needs cleaning. Does the laptop work with an external monitor connected? I presume you have tried tapping the “Brightness” Function key?

Function Keys

1 Locate the function keys at the top of your screen. "F6" and "F7" control the brightness of the display.

2 Press "Fn-F6" repeatedly until the screen dims to an acceptable level.

3 Press "Fn-F7" to brighten the screen, which is useful if you dim it too much.

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I will check the main connector now and clean it just in case, when i connect it to an external monitor i can see the screen perfectly.


@Kassidy Vasquez

That is good so video card is working.

Yes clean and check screen connector.

This also happens with RAM sometimes.


I clean the connector and the ram in my laptop , and the screen is still very dim .


@aactech I have the brightness on my laptop as high as it can go , not sure what the problem is. Maybe since it went unused for a period of time something needs to be replaced?


@Kassidy Vasquez

You said the screen was broken. Do you mean it didn't work or it was cracked or both? Are you sure the replacement was the correct screen?

Could be a low voltage from the LCD inverter which is responsible for the screen backlight. This is usually on a little rectangular circuit board just under the cover above the keyboard between the hinges.

It could also be the backlight bulb.

This web page will give you an idea:

Or as you haven't used it for 4 years it could be the CMOS battery is low. Their life span is around 5 years or so.

Troubleshooting often involves going down several pathways.


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