Glitchy Horizontal Lines on Screen when Hot

I will just say iPad for short but it’s an iPad mini 2.

I’ve had this iPad for about 7 years, and had the LCD screen replaced 3 times. The one I currently have on is about 2 years old.

I have realized these lines come on only when hot. I didn’t do any damage from the outside (it started while I was asleep). It went away for about 24 hours when I turned it off and back on, then I went outside with it and it started again. Which leads me to think it has to do with heat. I do have a cracked screen, but I cracked it months ago. They are very deep cracks, so there is a possibility of water damage on the table. I have heavily used it since breaking it, so it may have a role in it. Also when I first found it like this, the bottom right corner of the screen wouldn’t react to touch. Turning it off and on again fixed that though.

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Also sorry no photos. I have a slight reaction to epilepsy.


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