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A 2-in-1 Touch-Screen laptop that was manufactured in 2017 by Acer Model # N16W1.

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New battery not working

I put a new battery in this computer from ifixit. Now the battery meter shows it's at 255%. Also the computer shuts off after 2 minutes. What can i do to fix this

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You can try software:

Or do it yourself:

To re-calibrate your laptop's battery, you can follow the steps below:

Important: Re-calibrating your battery may take several hours depending upon your system configuration as well as the age and life of your battery.

1. Turn your laptop Off. Then plug in your AC adapter.

2. Let the battery fully charge, until the battery LED turns Off.

3. Now, turn On the laptop and then press F8 key repeatedly when the first logo screen comes up.

4. In the "Windows Advanced Startup" menu, go to "Safe Mode" and then press the "ENTER" key.

5. Unplug the unit and let the computer run on battery until it shuts down.

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