Hurricane FD 218 OB deck boat square tube bimini part discontinued

I contacted Hurricane boats, trying to acquire info on a part that broke on my father"s bimini. But their info only goes back as far as 2008 and the boat is a 2003.

> The part is from a 2003 Hurricane deck boat by Godfrey, on the ez(easy put up or take down) bimini


> 2003 Hurricane Deck boat, by Godfrey


> Model: FD 218 OB

The part was discontinued by Hurricane and no aftermarket version exists, though Bennington has a black version but it is too thick to fit in my 1inch square tubed bimini frame.

I don’t know if the images will show up, but I am looking for someone who has one or more or any ideas on finding them. My father wants an earnest attempt to find the parts before we try other ways to remedy the problem. Thanks. Jimmy

Block Image

Block Image

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