What component is overheating and needing replacement?

I have a Kyocera Duraforce Pro that is having some debilitating display issues.

Within a month of owning this phone, it developed a minor graphical issue where colors would “bleed” vertically, leaving long but faint streaks across the display. This issue remained minor and unobtrusive for around half a year, but seems to have gotten significantly worse over the course of the past few months until now.

The entire display now shifts vertically downward, halfway or mostly off the bottom of the physical screen, and shakes up and down, leaving streaks of light across the upper portion of the physical screen where the display was shifted from. This effect becomes stronger and stronger with even basic use, and appears to accelerate if on a higher brightness, eventually becoming unusable within a minute or two.

This issue can be temporarily remedied and/or averted by applying active cooling (like an ice pack or a car’s A/C) to the *top right corner of the screen*, which will slowly but noticeably return the display to normal, unless the phone has been in use for more than a few hours, at which point it will only return about 2/3 of the way.

The touchscreen remains unaffected, and still works as normal even though the display is skewed.

This is NOT a software issue; please do not recommend software fixes of any kind, nor recommend taking it to be serviced. I have already attempted to get this fixed multiple times through the Sprint repair plan that was sold to me with the phone, only to have every Sprint store in the state refuse to repair or diagnose it, and to have Asurion refuse to replace it or allow it to be repaired somewhere that is willing to.

This issue should be specific and unique enough to know exactly what component needs replacement, that is what I need to find out, so I can deal with this fiasco personally.

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