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Bosch Dishwasher - top arm is not spinning

Bosch dishwasher model SHE68R55UC

Upper arm is not spinning and soap pods are barely dissolving.

The soap compartment door is opening at the correct time. Took apart both upper and lower arms and cleaned out some gunk that was inside the arms. Also cleaned out floor drain but still no improvement.

Saw advice online to add water into the DW in case the water inlet valve was faulty. Tried that as well but still no improvement.

Currently suspecting it the impeller is faulty. Placed an order for the part. In the meantime, is there some way to test the impeller or another part that could be the culprit? Also, is there a way to get our model to display error codes? Found instructions for several Bosch models but the names of the buttons don’t match up with my model.

Thank you

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First at ll, sorry if my english is bad, I'm from Menorca, but i will try to explain the best I can:

Maybe is due to the arm selector. It is a little motor at the bottom of the dishwasher, attached to a gear that turns a circular pattern with holes.

The worst thing is that you must disasemble lots of parts to arrive at this part. You must remove the top cover, both sides, and then loose the springs that close the door. Then you must take off the bottom.

First check if the wires are firmly connected.

This is a image of the part that must be broken:

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