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La PlayStation est la première console destinée au marché de masse du constructeur Sony.

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My ps1 turns on but then it doesn’t do anything

I bought a ps1 the other day. The AV cable was slightly rusted and bit bent so I had to use pliars to bend it back into place. After that, the AV cable fit perfectly but I fear that the cable might not be working. I’m using a digital plasma tv, that has the yellow-red-white connector slots, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The power cable is working fine, and the ps1 power button turns green so that part is fine. But how do I know what the true problem is? I put a disc in and the disc plate doesn’t spin, and the tv doesn’t even show the Sony logo.

Do you guys think it might be just the AV cable?

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Seems like the power supply isn’t connected to the motherboard. Try disassembling the case then plug in the cord that connects the power supply to the board. It can be found on the left side of the console. Put the shell back together to avoid electric shock. If there were no display but the drive is spinning, replace the AV cable. The LED light is only an indicator for the power supply that it is on and not the motherboard.

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