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Released in March 2016. Model SM-G891A.

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Camera and lens compatibilty with S7 EDGE

Hi, I have a broken rear camera lens broken and camers no longer focus and spotted.

There are very few parts fit ther and iFixt it doesn’t list parts for the S7 Active. So was wondering if the S7 EDGE camera(which by specs is the same) will fit the S7 ACTIVE. Samera for camera lens galss cover.


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From what I could find only the front camera is shared between the s7, s7 edge, and s7 active. When it comes to the back camera however, there’s three variants and you have to use the correct one or it won’t work. It should tell you who made the camera on the flex cable so you’ll need to disassemble the phone. You can find them here:

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I am sure you might have found the solution. But this is for the people who are still struggling with same problem. S7 edge broken rare camera can be replace easily , the question Where to find the perfect compatible part. You can find the perfect options to fix your damaged camera at

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