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Lancé le 20 septembre, l'iPhone grand public 2019 est équipé d'un écran tactile de 6,1 pouces, d'une double caméra et est disponible en six couleurs. Il succède à l'iPhone XR.

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Did I break face ID?

Customer came in with an iphone 11 screen that was cracked topside and in restore mode. There was a lot of dirt/dust/etc on 1 of the selfie cameras and dot projector. I replaced the screen and updated the iOS and the phone worked. I tested face ID but it wouldn’t let me set it up. It says that I have to try again later or that my face is out of view and I need to reposition it. Portrait mode says I need to move further away. Proximity sensor and auto brightness works when I tested calling someone. I called the customer and asked if face ID worked and she said yes what I don’t really believe. If I am correct the dot projector is broken, but I did not remove the selfie cam.

Is it possible that unlocking works but setting up a new face ID fails or if it’s broken, nothing will work.

I have replaced a lot of iPhones with faceID and have never broken one before. Is this the first time?

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Can you post pictures of the device and potentially damaged components? I have a policy in my store for situations like this. I perform a functionality test before any repairs are attempted. If I can’t test everything, I’m not liable for those components because although the customer claims those parts were working when it came in, I don’t 100% know that and unfortunately you can’t take everyone’s word for it. Sounds like you should have a similar policy in place. If it says to move around, you may just need to adjust the front selfie camera assembly a little bit and make sure the sensors are seated properly as well. And why was it in restore mode?

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The parts all look fine, but it is an insurance claim so we are adding the face ID to the list. Thanks for the suggestions


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