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Un petit rafraîchissement du MacBook Air de fin 2018, avec le même numéro de modèle (A1932) et le même numéro EMC (3184). Ce modèle est doté d'un écran True Tone et d'une batterie légèrement révisée.

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Spilled water on laptop, wasn’t able to turn it off for a while

Hi all,

I spilled water on my laptop earlier this morning, and while I thought I had completely shut it off it turns out I had only restarted it and I realized about 30 minutes later. Did this mess up any chances of recovery? Or should my laptop be fine if I leave it alone for 2 or so days?

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Treating liquid damage on electronics is like treating a stain on your favorite shirt in that you must treat it immediately. In the case of electronics, they need to be opened up and assessed. Do not attempt to power on or charge it until it has been looked at. I would call around local shops to see if they specialize in microsoldering. You could also mail it in to Rossmann Repair Group in NYC. The owner Louis has a youtube channel you can check out. He’s one of the best in the business when it comes to MacBook repair.

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Liquid damage is pretty unpredictable. It’s possible the data will still be recoverable even though it was powered on shortly after the damage, but no one can say for certain without looking at the machine. It would be best to open the bottom panel and leave the machine in open air to dry. Then inspect the interior for signs of corrosion.

If there is corrosion internally your options are to clean the board or take the machine into a shop for repairs. I don’t recommend attempting to clean the board yourself unless you have a lot of experience doing so.

If there is no corrosion after drying the machine, attempt to power it on. If it powers on, try to backup all of the user data to an external drive.

Hope this helps!

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