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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini E10i runs on a custom version of Android and features 3G access. Released in 2010.

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Does anyone know how to get the digitizer cover off?

Does anyone know how to get the digitizer cover off?

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Kat, exactly what cover are you looking at? What are you trying to do? Sorry, I am just a bit unclear about what you are referring to...


Hi well I've dropped my fone a few times & the screen is chipped & scratched which I'm told is not really the screen but just a cover & the actual screen is underneath & is called a digitizer but whatever it is I need to get it off to replace it....the bit that you touch when you select things or write a message. Do you know how?


Kat, that is called the digitizer. Did you download the service manual yet? It will show you exactly how to do it. If you click on the the word "here" in blue in my answer, you can download the manual.


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Kat you could try and use this teardown to get an idea about your task. Or you download the complete service manual from here. Is does come with video's, parts list etc. good Luck

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