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New Battery Degrading Too Quickly

Hi, I recently replaced my battery in my iPhone 7, I did the calibration and everything seemed fine until I saw that my battery had degraded 3% (both in battery health and 3uTools) in 4 days. Is this normal or should I contact iFixit?

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Battery healt is for me nothing more than a indacation, if I can use my iPhone longer than a day or at the end of the day the iPhone have enough power left I am satisfied. How long can you use your phone will it last till end of the day?

keep in mind that it is a aftermarket battery and not a original.

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I'm just wondering about the longevity of the battery, like wether it will last 3 months or 3 years


How long is the warranty? Maybe wait a week or 2 and see what it does with battery healt .


The warranty I think is a year for non-consumable parts. I'm sure iFixit would help if there was an issue. It's also stopped degrading so that's good aswell.


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