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Informations sur le démontage et la réparation du smartphone Android phare de Samsung, le S20, sorti en mars 2020.

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Moisture detected in charger port.

I have moisture detected in my charging port notification. I cannot charge my phone via my USB-C nor can I use my cars Andriod Auto feature for navigation as a result.

I cleaned the port with 90% Isopropyl alcohol and a tooth flosser thingy (powered off obviously). I dried it out and the notification went away. However it has reappeared a week later when I plugged in another cable.

-I’ve tried different cables various brands and originals with no luck.

-I’ve tried clearing the USB cache.

-I’ve tried a factory reset.

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Replace the charging port or the whole daughter board if that dosent work then clean the battery connector and the battery connector socket, if that dosent work replace the battery connector socket.

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I had that same problem and solved it changing daughterboard as suggested by Em4n

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