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A 15.6" laptop by Lenovo from 2013.

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Memory test failure, fix and some questions

Overnight my B590 developed a memory fault.

On boot up, a single long beep, and the machine would drop into the bios. Upon running the inbuilt memory diagnostics, I found that values being written during the test were coming back with a single bit always set to 1.

Did usual reseating of the DIMM, changed the DIMM location, swapped the DIMM with a new module. Same error, indicating that this was probably a motherboard issue.

Ran memtest86 (4 passes) from a USB drive with no errors. On rebooting, Windows started up as usual.

Q1: Why did this work? I can only speculate the memtest somehow cleared the stuck bit on the motherboard. Bad capacitor?

Q2: Is this problem likely to resurface?

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I would just wait and see.

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Hello, my theory behind this issue is dust in the first place, and by changing and replacing the DIMMs you had to move your laptop upside-down multiple times which might cleared the dust and the memtest86 was just a lucky step.

If this happen again, don’t move your computer, try to run it normally multiple times to make sure the problem happen at 100% and then run a memory test, if it works then it’s a software issue if not then it’s a hardware.

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