Screw and insert size

Hi, im looking to fix one screw hole in te back of my laptop, and im looking for the size of the screw and the knurled insert that i need, some help?

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Did the knurled insert rip out?


yes, its missing and the screw, the plastic for the knurled is broken but my idea was 3d print one and stickit, to with the new insert


Can't you measure from another screw? Or if it's ripped maybe you can get close enough and use epoxy


its a 0.7 screw, im looking to know if its a m3 or m4 and the type of the insert, i dont have it with me until two weeks, that its when i can tray to fix the screw


Ok, if I was in your position I would prepare for several escenarios and get an M3 an M4 screws


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