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Lancé le 20 septembre, l'iPhone grand public 2019 est équipé d'un écran tactile de 6,1 pouces, d'une double caméra et est disponible en six couleurs. Il succède à l'iPhone XR.

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iPhone 11 FaceID not working - but EVERYTHING looks fine

Hi there,

I’ve bought iPhone 11 (not Pro) which had cracked display - I’ve updated it form iOS 13.7 to 14.0 - I’ve replaced it with good one but not Apple - I’ve programmed (with iCopy Plus) it to have TrueTone which I have now (but still message it is not genuine Apple) - and I am unable to setup FaceID

Most of the time it is stuck on “Move Lower / Higher” sometimes FaceID not Available - sometimes when trying to set up FaceID it looks like it cannot catch autofocus and gets blurry (when in selfie mode - it never happen).

“Red Light” present (I was able to capture it using other iPhone camera) - selfie photos are sharp - proximity sensor is working - automatic brightness working - I’ve updated to iOS 14.0.1 - same nothing.

Many people reporting they have same problem after iOS 14 - but I do not know if that happen because of iOS 14 as I STUPID done update before replacing LCD.

Please see photos of my sensors

Block Image

Block Image

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1 solution

Did you replace the selfie camera assembly? On the iPhone X-present, those are NOT user-replaceable with the ability to keep Face ID.

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Noup - I did not - and if I would (or someone would) I think I would get "FaceID not working" or something like that - but sometimes I got no message "FaceID not available" for very long time when I try to setup


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