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I have a Samsung Chromebook book Pro and it suffers from phantom touches when I have the touchscreen enabled. It has suffered from this issue for ages. However I've just disabled the touch screen as I didn't really use it that often.

However I now want to use the touch screen to try and take notes. I would like some guidance to a fix. As from what I have seen it is a hardware issue. The touch screen worked for ages and then it gradually got worse and worse.

I have tried factory resets in the past

If it is a screen replacement where can I source one In the UK?

Thank you! Some help would be much appreciated!


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I think I have a similar problem. My screen intermittently jiggles, shakes, zooms in/out, and opens closes windows without input. I can usually stop this occurring by moving/adjusting the screen angle. I don't think it's a screen issue I'm inclined to think it is a short or pinched cable.


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