Lenovo Yoga-3 Pro - Not powering up, no White/Orange Lights

Need some expert help for my Lenovo yoga 3 pro - as it went out of business in 3 stages:

Stage-1: Suddenly stopped booting up - only power (white light) light blinking when tried to turn on. Tried the usual things - OKR etc - did not work.

Stage-2: I dismantled all parts (Battery, mother board, SSD, Fan/Heat sink, all ports, detached display et al. - except further dismantling the display), reset all the connections and assembled it again. This did not help either. On powering up, only orange light blinked a few times and turned off. No white light, neither the fan turned on.

Stage-3: I replaced DC-IN cable with a new one as the old one looked a bit old and weary. Now on pwering up, orange light also stopped blinking and no white light or fan. Same result if I again used the old DC-IN - no orange, no white lights, no fan. (BTW, in the process, I ended up breaking tiny little clip that locks the ribbon cable coming from fan-assembly and connecting to the PCB having Power and USB ports. But, I managed to connect the ribbon cable back temporarily - I hope this is not the main problem!).

Now I have no clue what the *#$% problem is! I do not even know if my battery is OK or motherboard is the culprit or totally something else.

Is there a way I can check if power flow is alright, battery is working fine and so-on - so that I can isolate the problem and order only the faulty replacement part?

Did anyone had this problem before? Any suggestions or help? Am very desperate as my little daughter’s online classes are getting affected due to this issue!

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