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The Oculus Rift S is a PCVR headset with 6DOF tracking using cameras located on the headset itself.

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Why is my Oculus Rift blacking out and beeping?

My oculus Rift will work for a few minutes then it will black out and start beeping.

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Update the Oculus, reconnect the cable and see if you have plugged the oculus into a USB 3 port,

it would be best if you update your graphics card and windows

and switch off the power saving mode .

Maybe it helps

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Hi, this hasn`t worked another thing is is I would be playing then the screen would go black and then the ringing sound then a "bass boosted" audio quality thing would happen any suggestions how to fix it?


It could be that your PC switches off the USB ports to save power, you can deactivate this in the BIOS and so all ports always remain active.

If you have occupied front USB ports on your PC, unplug them, in some cases the ports at the front and back work on the same rail.

But it can also be a hardware error, if you run into the wall it can happen that one of the camera connections is disconnected and that inevitably leads to errors.

Did you get any error messages?


How do you get to bios ?


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The head of the link cable is corroded at the point where it connects to the headset. I came here to get help on how to fix it ? because a used cable costs about $80. Fixing it means cleaning out the corrosion and replacing the connector pins (not sure that's what they are called). Can someone advise on how to do this?

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Hope this is useful to someone:

I was having the exact same issue and I managed to fix it. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work, switched USB and Display ports, reinstalled Oculus Software, formatting all drives and it kept happening.

After a year of frustrations, while reading online I found a guy who was suggesting that it had to do with motherboard power management.

If you're like me and can't afford to buy a good motherboard after having spent $400, just buy an externally powered USB Hub.

This fixed it for me, they cost 5-15 bucks (do make sure it's externally powered).

In case anyone wants to know, connections go like this:

Headset USB to the Hub, Hub USB to motherboard, Hub power cable to wall plug (or any other source of power that isn't the motherboard).

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